Ansys Granta provides materials information management software to empower companies with Material Intelligence. Ansys Granta MI™ offers a scalable solution for creating and managing material data, seamlessly integrating with CAD, CAE, and PLM systems for consistency. Choose the best material with Ansys Granta Selector, leveraging a comprehensive database. Improve simulation accuracy with access to our extensive materials data library.


Enabling Digital Transformation

Ansys Granta drives digital transformation by providing tools and solutions for efficient materials information management. Through Granta’s capabilities, organizations can digitize and centralize their material data, enabling easier access, analysis, and integration across various engineering workflows.


Smarter Material Choices

Equip your materials experts to balance trade-offs, cutting costs, reducing weight, and enhancing product quality.


Trusted Data

Ensure simulation accuracy with up to 2,600+ materials datasets and 20+ properties, curated by Ansys Granta’s experts. Rely on our exclusive MaterialsUniverse™ and JAHM simulation data for reliable results.


Intelligent Material Selection

Ensure thorough, repeatable, and accountable materials selection. Explore materials similar to current choices or survey the entire available materials range.Quickly compare material options and balance conflicting performance demands.

Build Lists of Preferred Materials

Our interconnected materials data, including Material Universe™, provides comprehensive details on engineering materials like metals, polymers, composites, coatings, and more. It offers design data, manufacturer’s datasheets, standards-based information, and test data for thorough material insights.

Additive Manufacturing

Effortlessly integrate simulation-ready engineering data into Ansys Workbench as a seamless component of your workflow. Transfer data to Ansys Discovery, Ansys Granta MI Pro, or a range of third-party CAD/CAE software solutions.


Comprehensive Materials Information

Easily assess the environmental footprint of your product and its components at all stages of the life cycle. Determine critical areas for improvement and receive guidance on reducing embodied energy and CO2 emissions, applying principles of Life Cycle Assessment as a streamlined LCA tool.

Materials Products


Materials Data for Simulation

Granta MDS delivers precise data tailored for simulations and seamlessly integrates into Ansys Flagship Simulation Solvers- Mechanical, Electronics Desktop, Fluent, and Discovery. Access over 2,600 simulation-ready materials instantly, embedding a simulation-ready dataset directly into leading Ansys solvers.


Ansys Granta Selector

Ansys Granta Selector integrates thorough materials data with versatile tools, facilitating robust and logical materials selection. Streamline your search and filtering process based on various property requirements within our extensive database. Effortlessly visualize selections for optimal performance, and utilize comparative tools to highlight material differences. Whether aiming for cost reduction, environmental impact mitigation, resolving in-service issues, or seeking superior materials, Granta Selector is the optimal software solution.


Ansys Granta MI Pro

Granta MI Pro seamlessly combines in-house and Ansys Granta reference data, instantly accessible to CAD designers and CAE analysts. This entry-level solution streamlines materials management, offering real cost and time savings across the organization. With its intuitive interface and 25 years of expertise, MI Pro empowers design and simulation teams to efficiently create, import, visualize, and analyze materials data. Flexible and scalable to meet the evolving needs of your organization.


Ansys Granta MI Enterprise

Ansys Granta MI Enterprise facilitates comprehensive management of the materials data lifecycle, from test data to design and beyond. Advanced data flow tools ensure efficient capture, processing, and approval, seamlessly integrating materials information into business practices. Utilize proven data management templates to establish appropriate data structures for complex scenarios like additive manufacturing or composites. Access a comprehensive library of quality reference information, covering metals, plastics, and composites, all within the same system.


Ansys Granta Edupack

Granta EduPack provides interactive, visually engaging software tools designed for materials education, tailored to disciplines such as engineering, design, science, and sustainability. It covers a broad spectrum of subjects and interdisciplinary areas related to materials and design. With its educational software and a wealth of over 200 teaching resources, educators can easily enrich courses across all academic years.


Education and Research
Granta equips students, researchers, and educators with valuable resources for studying and understanding material properties, behaviors, and applications across various disciplines. It enables academic institutions to integrate real-world materials data into curricula, research projects, and laboratory exercises, enhancing the quality and relevance of educational experiences. Additionally, Granta supports research endeavors by facilitating data-driven analysis, simulation, and innovation in materials science, engineering, and related fields.
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Electric Motors
Ansys Granta provides the extensive add-on magnetic material data for electric motors simulations.
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Manufacturing Industries
With Granta, manufacturers can make informed decisions about material selection, substitution, and optimization to improve product quality, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. Additionally, Granta facilitates compliance with industry regulations and standards, streamlines collaboration among multidisciplinary teams, and accelerates innovation and product development cycles.
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Environmental Pollution Control
Granta contributes to environmental pollution control by facilitating the management and analysis of materials data essential for sustainable practices. It enables organizations to track and assess the environmental impact of materials used in their products and processes, helping identify opportunities for improvement. Granta's tools support the selection of eco-friendly materials, substitution of harmful substances, and compliance with environmental regulations. By optimizing material choices and minimizing environmental footprint, Granta assists in mitigating pollution and promoting environmental stewardship across industries.
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Ansys Granta aids in aero structures applications by providing comprehensive materials data and tools for informed decision-making. It enables engineers to select the most suitable materials for specific aerospace structural components, considering factors such as performance, weight, durability, and compliance requirements. Additionally, Granta facilitates the integration of materials data into simulation workflows, ensuring accurate analysis and optimization of aero structures for enhanced safety, efficiency, and performance.
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