Ansys Safe Systems is a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions that supports the design, analysis, and verification of safety-critical systems across various industries. It enables engineers to model, simulate, and validate complex systems, ensuring they meet stringent safety and reliability requirements. Safe Systems integrates model-based safety analysis with systems engineering practices, allowing for a holistic approach to risk assessment and hazard mitigation.


Model Based Approach for Safe Systems Development

Ansys Safe Systems offers model-based safety analysis and risk assessment, enabling engineers to identify and mitigate hazards in complex systems. It supports requirements traceability and design verification for compliance with standards such as ISO 26262,DO178, ARP4754/4761, IEC 61508. The suite streamlines the safety lifecycle, enhancing collaboration and ensuring the development of safe, reliable systems.

Model Based Approach for Functional Safety Analysis

Analysis like FMEA, FMEDA, FTA, HARA, HAZOP etc. is integrated with the Architecture model of the systems at functional level, systems level, hardware & software level increasing the traceability, consistency & efficiency in the workflow.

Model Based Approach for Automotive Cybersecurity Analysis

Ansys Medini Analyze supports ISO/SAE 21434 compliance by enabling automotive cybersecurity risk assessments and management throughout the system development lifecycle. It offers model-based approaches for threat analysis, vulnerability assessment, and safeguards implementation with clear documentation and traceability.

Safety Analysis Products


Ansys Medini Analyze

Ansys Medini Analyze is a comprehensive, model-oriented tool that facilitates safety analysis for critical electrical, electronic, and software-driven systems. It ensures a streamlined and coherent approach to adhering to industry guidelines and standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, ARP 4761, ISO 21448, and MIL-STD-882E.


Ansys Medini Analyze For Cybersecurity

Ansys Medini Analyze supports ISO/SAE 21434 compliance by offering tools for conducting cybersecurity risk assessments, including threat analysis and vulnerability identification, for automotive E/E systems. It provides a model-based approach for managing cybersecurity requirements and implementing safeguards throughout the development lifecycle. The tool’s capabilities facilitate consistent documentation and traceability to demonstrate adherence to the standard’s guidelines.


Vertical Solutions
In the automotive industry, Ansys medini analyze is used to perform safety analyses for E/E and software systems, ensuring compliance with standards such as ISO 26262 for safe vehicle operation. In the aerospace sector, the tool assists with ARP 4761 and MIL-STD-882E compliance, enabling engineers to conduct thorough risk assessments and guarantee the safety of complex avionics and control systems. Its model-based approach enhances collaboration and efficiency across both industries.
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Automotive Security
Based on ISO/SAE 21434 compliance by enabling thorough cybersecurity risk assessments in automotive E/E systems. It offers model-based tools for managing threats, vulnerabilities, and implementing safeguards to ensure vehicle safety.
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Safety Systems
Products are designed to support the safety assurance of complex systems in critical industries like automotive, aerospace, and rail. It offers advanced tools for model-based safety analysis, helping engineers identify potential hazards and mitigate risks early in the design process. Safe Systems ensures compliance with industry standards such as ISO 26262,DO178, ARP4754/4761, IEC 61508 etc. by providing comprehensive requirements traceability, safety verification, and validation. Its integrated approach streamlines safety lifecycle management, improving collaboration across disciplines and delivering reliable, high-integrity systems.
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