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Simulation of laser Induced Cavitation with ANSYS Fluent

Lumendo AG is an innovative company researching injectable filler and endodontic debridement solutions. With the simulation technology of Ansys and the help of CADFEM, new methods were tested and further developed. In certain endodontic treatments, dentist use a 3000 nm pulsed laser, which can create a cavitating bubble that emits a powerful shockwave.


To assess the efficiency of root canal cleaning using laser induced cavitation, CFD simulation with Ansys Fluent were performed. The goal of the simulation is to give insight into the pressure peaks and temporal evolution though the root canal down to the apex.


The simulation model consists of a moving wall, representing the free surface of the bubble, which is based on experimental data. In a first phase, the bubble is expanding induced through the laser. In the second phase the cavitation of the bubble occurs. The pressure waves are then tracked and analyzed.

Customer Benefit

  • Prove of concept of simulation method for laser induced cavitation
  • Increased knowledge of the design including an identification of the most critical locations.
  • Useful information to start experimental validation and production without extensive iterative prototyping.
  • Increased knowledge about the influence of geometrical dimensions for system tuning.
  • Local information not accessible with experimental measurement


Prachi Mardia

Head of Marketing, CADFEM

SEPTEMBER 14, 2023



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