Reliable model-based safe systems

Ansys solutions significantly reduces the time and effort required for software and system development


“Smart” electronics are of the utmost importance in modern software applications in the aviation, rail, transportation, industrial and medical sectors. Accordingly, the time and effort involved in design and certification are constantly increasing. With Ansys SCADE and medini, you can develop embedded systems and software quickly and safely and bring it to approval readiness.

Safety Systems overview

Ansys 2022 R2 puts a particular focus on safe and secure code generation of embedded control and HMI software, facilitating compliance with international standards for security (SEI CERT C), safety, and interoperability in A&D (DO-178C, ARINC 661, Khronos glTF™) and Automotive (AUTOSAR). Improvements to the Coverage Analysis Assistant further speed-up complex and time-consuming model and code coverage analysis activities.

Improvements include:

CERT C / Safe and Secure Code Generation
Generated code compliance with the SEI CERT C security coding Standard
Demonstrates that no security risks are associated to the SCADE generated code usage
Coverage Analysis Assistant Improvements
Speed-up complex and time-consuming coverage analysis activities
Detect and report uncoverable parts of the model
Generate justifications or test sequences for uncovered points
3D Rendering for Embedded Displays
Import and render Kronos standard glTFTM 3D assets in SCADE Display
Allow embedded displays designers to include breakthrough rendering effects

ANSYS Safety Products


SCADE Suite is a model-based development environment for design and verification of critical embedded software.

SCADE Display

SCADE Display facilitates embedded graphics, display and HMI development, and safety certified code generation.

SCADE Vision

SCADE Vision automates the identification of potential vulnerabilities in autonomous vehicle perception systems.

Resources & Events

Formal development process

In this video we will show you methods for formal product development with Ansys SCADE and Ansys medini analyze.

Virtual battery management system

After an introduction of the Ansys SCADE Tools, the implementation of a software-based battery management system using Ansys SCADE Suite is presented.

The predictive physical model

This playlist shows the implementation of a predictable thermo-mechanical as well as electro-chemical model and the use of such models as digital twins.


From commercial aircraft to autonomous vehicles, the quality of the embedded software development process
determines operational efficiency and safety. Certified code generators like the one in Ansys SCADE ensure that your
embedded software will work as planned, the first time and every time.

Despite all their autonomy, today’s smart products still must interact with a human being occasionally through an
intuitive, easy-to-use man-machine interface. You can optimize the usa bility and reliability of your interface using
software development and certified code generation tools from Ansys.

Ansys code generators and verification tools have been qualified/certified at the highest level of safety across six
market segments by more than 10 safety authorities worldwide, including: DO-178C up to Level A for aerospace and
defense applications, ISO 26262 up to ASIL D for automotive applications, IEC 61508 up to SIL 3 for transportation
and industrial applications, EN 50128 up to SIL 3/4 for rail transportation applications, and IEC 60880 demonstrated
compliance for nuclear applications by many nuclear safety authorities.

Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is key to using systems models to define requirements, design, analysis,
and verification and validation activities throughout the development cycle. It keeps track of these
interdependencies with an evolving model instead of written design specifications, so you can be sure that all
subsystems mesh together in a finely tuned whole, even as you continue to change the design.