Ansys Materials

Intelligent, consistent and digitized material handling – this is what Ansys Materials with the Ansys Granta products stand for. They show their value in simulation and as an enterprise solution far beyond.


Granta Software has been ensuring that companies use reliable material information, and have the right tools to apply it, for over 20 years. Designers who incorporate this knowledge right from the start develop better products faster. In addition, the entire company benefits from consistent and traceable material information, enabling the right decisions to be made early on.

Ansys Materials overview

Make A Leap in Material-Led Eco-design

2022 R2 sees Ansys Granta’s products build on the data, tool, and integration offering to help engineers factor in material sustainability earlier in the design process – helping reduce product development time and make more sustainable material choices.

Users of Ansys Mechanical can use the new Ansys Material Calibration app available in Granta MI™ to generate accurate material models from experimental data, to help drive simulation accuracy with materials across the simulation team.

With material now exportable from any Ansys Granta product to any Ansys flagship solver and a supercharged version of Granta MI Pro, we’re making it easier to take the first step to achieving Material Intelligence.

ANSYS Optics Products

Ansys Granta MI Enterprise

'Gold source' for materials information CAD, CAE and PLM integration Access 250,000+ Advanced Materials Data

Ansys Granta MI Pro

User-friendly Materials Database Compare materials properties Integration with leading CAD and CAE products

Ansys Selector

Photonics takes the wave character of light into account. Quantum physics methods must also be used in the calculation of photonic phenomena.

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Take Simulation to the next level

Finding the right materials property data for simulation can be time-consuming and costly. Accurate simulations require accurate property data.

Material information management for device queries

"Something that would have taken 18 months took less han three or four months to get to the same conclusion."

Metallic components

"Granta enables world-leading Additive Manufacturing project AMAZE by providing an overarching materials information management system for the consortium."


Establishing a high-quality ‘gold source’ of enterprise-wide materials data is the foundation of digital transformation.

Improve simulation accuracy with access to an unrivalled catalog of materials property data.

Enable your materials experts to make trade-offs to save cost, weight and improve product quality.

Connect your materials data to leading CAD, CAE and PLM solutions, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency.

Design Engineers can reduce design iterations by making better materials decisions early in the conceptual phase.

Future-proof your AM processes by capturing critical property-process relationships.